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'The Impact' Gets London Premiere at The Genesis Cinema

Posted by Cera Rose Pickering on Tuesday, May 24, 2022 Under: Events
On May 31st, THE IMPACT, a movie that I co-wrote and co-produced, will finally get its London premiere at The Genesis Cinema in Whitechapel. Eight years in the making, this project has definitely been a labour of love for everyone involved, so I can't wait to see it on the big screen! To celebrate, here's a press release about my involvement in the movie...



Cera Rose Pickering’s project ‘Daddy’s Fort’ is part of the world’s biggest narrative feature film, ‘The Impact’, which premieres in London on May 31st and sets a new world record for the most screenwriters on a feature film.

Before Covid struck, The London Screenwriters’ Festival – the world’s foremost festival for screenwriters – launched a screenwriting competition to find fifty brilliant two-page scripts about an apocalyptic meteor strike. The intention was to create an extraordinary tapestry of stories about how humanity would face a catastrophic global event. Little did screenwriter Cera Rose Pickering know how prophetic the project and film would turn out to be.  

Having received over 2,312 entries, the team at The London Screenwriters’ Festival finally narrowed down the selection to fifty-five scripts, which included Cera’s script ‘Daddy’s Fort’.  These scripts have since been produced by an eclectic array of filmmakers from around the world, a process which has resulted in eighty-seven short films being made. A portion of each film is included in the final cut of ‘The Impact’, with the thirty-seven best films featured in their entirety.

Cera’s section of the movie was shot entirely in Hoddesdon, Herts, and features local actors Graham Duncan, Lilly Cousins (11) and Darcy Joy Brooks (9), who enjoyed filming their first roles on camera. The opening section of the feature film also stars actress Olivia Williams (The Crown, An Education) and was written by Hollywood screenwriter Joe Eszterhas (Basic Instinct). Cera – who grew up in Cheshunt, Herts – is currently developing various film and TV projects and recently wrote rom-com, ‘Styled with Love’, alongside Christmas movie ‘Planes, Trains & Christmas Trees’ for Reel One Entertainment, both of which are due for release in 2022.

‘The Impact’ will premiere on May 31st at the Genesis Cinema in London. Simultaneous screenings will take place around the world in places such as California, Kansas, Kentucky, Washington, Texas, Australia, Zurich, Scotland, Puerto Rico, Canada, Tel Aviv, Columbia and the Philippines.

Crowdsourcing the funding to make the films was a challenge, but, as Chris Jones, director of The London Screenwriters’ Festival explains, the point was to get writers writing and filmmakers making films: “We wanted screenwriters and filmmakers, both new and established, to actively participate in this project with us. It was a great opportunity for those looking to gain their first feature credit, or those who see the value in a collaborative film project such as this, to come together and get something made, all the while being recognised for their work.”

The writers and directors of ‘The Impact’ will gather on May 31st to witness and celebrate the film breaking two world records: the most screenwriters on a feature film, as well as the most directors. Tickets for the premiere are available on our website –  

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